Monitoring and Managing EBV and Adenovirus Infrections Post Transplant

2008 ASBMT Online Seminar
Stephen Gottschalk, MD; Chrystal Louis, MD; Helen Heslop, MD; Alana Kennedy-Nasser, MD; Catherine Bollard, MD
Center for Cell and Gene Therapy
Baylor College of Medicine / Methodist Hospital / Texas Children's Hospital

Objectives: This lecture provides an overview of the complexities in monitoring and managing both EBV and adenoviral infections in patients after stem cell transplantation. The viewer will be taught the basic characteristics of each virus, its association with disease in the post-transplant setting and currently available treatment options. Additionally, the role of immunotherapy as treatment or prophylaxis of these infections after transplant will be discussed. At the conclusion of the lecture, the critical elements are presented for identifying and treating EBV and adenoviral infections in high-risk patients post stem cell transplantation.