Looking Forward to the Future: ASBMT Releases Updated Strategic Plan

By Content Administrator posted 01-03-2019 16:59


For the next three years, ASBMT is committing itself to four strategic goals, which will help the society attract more members, produce better education and research opportunities and create more brand recognition, among other things.

These goals were approved as part of the ASBMT 2019-21 Strategic Plan, which outlines the values and goals for the society and its members. The society’s Board of Directors confirmed the plan at its December 2018 meeting.

The goals will focus on:

  • Brand Strength
  • Education
  • Recognition and Value
  • Access and Knowledge Sharing

All of the goals approved focus on creating more cohesion within the organization, specifically when it comes to tracking progress and advertising what ASBMT does. Part of that means creating brand strength, attracting the best and the brightest in the industry and reducing the barriers to accessing cellular therapy and increasing understanding of the field.

Most importantly, we hope to bolster the work of our members. By offering even better educational opportunities and by better promoting the amazing work we already do, we can inch closer to creating a stronger voice for ourselves in the BBMT community. Current members will feel even more support from ASBMT, and find they have greater opportunities within our organization and outside of it.

“The ASBMT 2018 Strategic Plan provides a clear path forward and granular road map for solidifying ASBMT’s position as the preeminent stem cell transplant and cellular therapy society in the world,” says ASBMT President John DiPersio, MD. “It has resulted in a series of mandates and priorities that will insure that ASBMT remains at the forefront in the development and clinical implementation of novel cellular therapies, innovations in communication and education of our membership and more impactful interactions the NIH, HHS, third party payors, ASBMT members and the patients we serve.”

We plan to conduct several types of surveys—including a brand study that analyzes how the society is seen both by members and non-members—and determine ways to strengthen its marketing and public relations. This is extremely important, as it will help the society bring attention to and increase recognition of ASBMT as a content expert and thought-leader in the field of blood and marrow translation biology and cellular therapy.

We also plan on providing even more educational opportunities to its members, improving research, patient outcomes, and fostering professional development. This will not only legitimize further the incredible work ASBMT does, but also attract more people to the society.

You can download the full Strategic Plan here. Not a member of ASBMT, but interested in joining? Learn more about ASBMT here.